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Pixelette Technologies is a 10 year old company with offices in the United Kingdom and United States. We are an end-to-end Software products and services provider with a team of highly talented individuals with rich expertise In a variety of technology stacks. We believe in providing affordable customized software solutions to our customers and maintaining a long term relationship with them. The online platforms gives you the opportunity to enhance your business, your products and your services on a worldwide basis through your own website. We are here to help you accomplish this. We offer affordable application design and development services for individuals and small businesses by ascertaining your target market and evaluating your particular needs.

Our aim is to take your Business higher

We use the best minds in the technology industry in our core development. Our capabilities have a spread of experts from several areas, be it app development, SEO or even analytics


Web/Mobile Applications

We have expertise in a variety of application development. Be it on content management platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal or a fully customized solution with custom development in Angular, React and Java based platforms. Our apps have powered several multinational companies and have been appreciated for their stability, performance and zero defects.


Cloud Solutions

We have worked with several technology giants to deploy their applications on the Cloud Infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, Linode or Rackspace.


Website Development and Hosting

We have a knack for creative development, be it websites or mobile sites.Or solutions are the most affordable yet stringent in quality and performance.



Our Marketing Analysts, have a variety of expertise to provide exponential growth to your business. Be it running campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords, Instagram, YouTube or Linked In or writing content for your marketing pages, we have the best experts in the industry.


Dev Ops

We are the industry leading Dev-Ops provider For Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes and Docker deployment Our team provide multiple solutions for your cloud deployments with round the clock monitoring, redundancy and auto recovery mechanisms.


Data Analytics

For your applications, we provide services for Google Analytics as well custom built analytics using Machine Learning algorithms. These help you to scale your business and target your customer across multiple locations.

Check Your Website Performance

Easily find SEO related issues on your website and get actionable data to fix them before they become a problem

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Our Engagement Process - Simple and Effective

Our engagement process starts with you filling up a simple form HERE to provide us with a gist of your requirements

Once you have sent us your query, our Customer Relationship Manager will get in 
touch with you over the next 24 hours to understand your requirements better and provide you with a quote. The entire 
process will be explained to you in details along with 
the required timelines for delivery. Once work starts, 
We will provide you updates on the progress every week or according 
to your requirement. On completion of the project, it will be handed 
over to you with a 1 month FREE support from our end.


Most innovative Technology Company

Innovation is the core of our business. We have the best minds in the industry to bring out the best in our products and services. Try us once to understand the value we can bring to your business.

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Our Engagement Model

We follow three types of engagement models as given below. These provide you with the flexibility to choose from a fixed price, time based or even having a dedicated team work towards your project.

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Fixed Price project

In a Fixed Price Project, based on the requirement, we provide a quotation of the price and the time required to deliver the project. Based on mutual agreement, the price and timelines are agreed upon and the project is completed and delivered accordingly

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Time Based Model

In a Time based Model, we charge you for the number of working hours (typically man hours) of work required. You have the flexibility to decide on the number of people/developers you want to engage in the project and assign them specific objectives. You have the full control of the delivery and the working hours for the project. The resources are billed on a monthly basis.

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Dedicated Team

We set up a dedicated team as per your requirement to solve your business requirement. You get to interview the people assigned to the project and decide who is qualified to work on your project. This is charged on a monthly basis and you can engage the team for as long as you want the project to continue.

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WHY Choose Us?


We deliver top quality services in the market

On Time Delivery

We have a 100% on time delivery success ratio


Our solutions are amongst the most affordable compared to our competitors

Industry Leading Support

Based on SLAs, we provide seamless support for all our clients.



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